Our Morning Routine

Good Morning! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. Ours was wonderful, but they always go too fast. It seems like we are back to our routine in the blink of an eye. However, we do have some nice weather and I think it is here to stay. I capped off the weekend with a walk with my little man. I try to spend one on one time with each kid every day. While on our walk, it was very clear that he is not a little boy anymore. He is turning into a little man. There was a point in our walk where he put his arm around me. It was so sweet until a car drove by and then he was embarrassed. He said to me, “We better not do that anymore or they will think we are in a relationship.” Man I love that kid!

While I would love to say that I have always loved mornings, that is far from the truth. For the longest time, I despised mornings. I felt that we were living in chaos and nothing about our morning routine was enjoyable. I know the importance of positive thinking and starting your day off on the right path, but most days we were lucky if we made it out the door without someone losing their patience. That someone was usually me! After all, in the course of two hours I had to work out, get myself dressed, get kids dressed, make breakfast, make lunch and hope that everyone had everything they need for the day. It does not help that I am a perfectionist and do not do anything in life half ass. More on that in an upcoming post!


I knew that we could not go on like this and there had to be a better way. The kids were getting older and the last thing I wanted was to raise entitled kids. There was a lot that my husband and I were doing for them that they could easily do themselves. We had a family meeting and I told them that they were now going to be responsible for getting themselves dressed and get their backpacks ready for the upcoming day. While they did not kick and scream, the next morning did not go according to plan. Again, I knew I needed to figure something out before I lost my mind. My daughter is one of those list people and likes to write everything out. I figured, well if she keeps her own list maybe she will follow one that I create. My son pretty much does anything she does, so why not give it whirl.

So, that my friends is how our morning routine checklist came to be! I made one for each of the kids, laminated it and put on their bedroom wall. Each morning they follow the list and use a dry erase marker to check each box off along the way. It has made a world of difference and has empowered the kids to be more self-sufficient. At this point, H is ten but she still needs a reminder from time to time on what she needs to do to get ready. I need to work on modifying hers because her personal hygiene definitely needs some work. It is very clear to me that the hormones are changing. She is starting to get breakouts and is in desperate need of deodorant. She would rather be reading or outside, but I know it will not be long before she locks herself in the bathroom. You know what I am talking about ladies!

The other tip is to create a lunch menu over the weekend and get everything together the night before. The kids even pick out their clothes to avoid the drama that goes along with that decision. Trust me, a little organization makes a world of difference. While I work from home the majority of the week, I still plan out my lunches and occasionally pick out my outfits the night before. What I am very diligent on is getting all of my workout clothes together before I go to bed. I get up before everyone else, so this ensures that I will not wake everyone up but it also serves as motivation to get me out the door. It is much easier to slide out of bed knowing that my workout gear is waiting for me!

I hope that you all have a wonderful week. Until next time, continue being the best version of yourself.

Note: You should be able to access the checklist, but following the link. I am still new to this blogging thing, so I have been saving all of my documents that I want to share on Google Docs. If you run into any issues, just let me know and I can send to you via email.


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