Cleaning Schedule


Hi guys! How is your week going? My day at work today was crazy busy, but I was certainly productive. However now that the kids are in bed, I am realizing how drained I am. Guess who did not get her morning run in? Those of you that actively exercise know what I am talking about. For those of you that do not, you probably think I am crazy. If I do not get some form of exercise in during the day, even if it is not in the morning, I am not a happy camper. I will definitely be checking in early tonight, hence the lighter post.

Okay, so you are probably wondering what is so motivating about a cleaning schedule, right? I will provide you with some motivation by the end of this post, I promise. For years, I had been struggling with keeping the house in order, working and spending quality time with the family. I even tried outsourcing and was never happy with the results, especially considering my dedication to using only green cleaning products. In the end, I decided it was just best to take on the dreadful task of cleaning on my own. However, I was not willing to dedicate the entire weekend to running errands, doing laundry and cleaning the house. If that is your idea of fun, more power to you! I knew there had to be a better way.

About a year ago, I came up with a weekly schedule that has been working rather nicely for my family. As the kids are getting older, I have even been able to assign some of the tasks to them, which speeds up the process even more. By no means is my house spotless, but it is never a disaster either. It always seems much less torturous with the jobs spread out over the course of the week. I have to be honest, there are some days when I just have to face the fact that I am not going to get everything on the list done, but then I just add on to the next day. It also helps that I spend about 15 minutes each day cleaning up clutter and wiping down surfaces. It is amazing how much better a toothpaste free sink can make a bathroom look! What is more motivating than an easier way to maintain a clean house? I told you I would not disappoint!

I also think that it is helpful that all of the cleaning products that I use are homemade and smell amazing. Most of the commercial cleaning products out there cause my asthma to flare up in a matter of minutes and smell like a chemical plant. As we go through this journey together, I will continue to share some awesome cleaning recipes with you and teach you more about the benefits of essential oils. If you are not on the essential oil bandwagon yet, you must visit often. The use of essential oils has been life changing for my family.

I hope you all have an amazing and motivating rest of the week and take the time to appreciate you and all that you can and will accomplish this week. Until next time, keep being the best version of yourself!

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