All Purpose Cleaner


Before you all begin to panic, let me set the record straight.  I am by no means a fan of cleaning.  I feel like it is a never ending battle to keep a clean house.  I have even outsourced several times, but I was never happy with the results.  For the longest time, I was using the cleaning products that I grew up with.  I lived the mindset that if my house did not smell like bleach and pine, it was not clean.  What was I thinking???

As I am sure you are all aware, there is a myriad of what are considered “clean” household products.  Truthfully, the ones that really are clean do not perform and the ones that do are not nearly as “clean” as they claim.  I was getting so tired of wasting my hard earned money on products to clean my house that did not even work.  About two years ago, I took matters into my own hands and started experimenting with making my own cleaning supplies.  I got a little carried away, which tends to be the case when I get overly excited about something, and before I knew it I was making everything from scratch.  When I say everything, I even mean laundry soap!  My kitchen turned into a science lab and it was a mess.  I did research and found a safe product that I have now been using for about two years.  I will share more details on an upcoming post.  My perfectionist personality could not handle the clutter in my kitchen any longer and I knew there had to be some safer alternatives and less messy options out there.

I have tried several cleaner and greener all purpose cleaners and I could just not find one that worked.  If it did work, I did not like the scent.  I have been using liquid castile soap for a while now and when I was on Amazon I discovered what is now one of my favorite products.  Now, I can’t imagine my life without it.  Okay, that is a bit of an exaggeration but I really do love the product.  I use it to clean my floors, in my cleaning solutions and even in the laundry room.  Sal Suds is also made by Dr. Bronner, but it has a little more cleaning power.  It is also rated an A by the Environmental Work Group, which is very important in my book. I alway research all of my household products prior to purchasing them, so I know that they are safe for my family.

Today, I want to share my recipe for an all purpose cleaner that can be used on pretty much everything.  It is even safe on granite, although I have a little different solution that I use that I will share with all of you at one point.  The nice thing about making your own cleaning solution is that you can tailor the scent to your preference using essential oils.  The recipe cannot be easier and although I did not do the math, I am confident it is very cost effective as well.


All Purpose Cleaner

2 cups distilled water
1 teaspoon Sal Suds
5 drops of essential oil

Again, you can use whatever essential oil you would like.  I typically use orange, but I also use doTERRA On Guard if there is sickness going around.  It is important that you use glass containers, but if you just want to try the recipe first you can use an old plastic bottle for the first batch.  The essential oils will eat away at the plastic which will also decrease the effectiveness of the cleaner.  I purchased my bottles and labels from Amazon.

I hope you love this recipe as much as I do.  I literally use it to clean almost everything in the house.  If you do not have any Sal Suds in your house, I encourage you to order today.


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